Long time no see

It has been a month now since my last post here.
And the truth is: i just didn't have any opportunity to post anything.
So, i keep on shooting the soap opera at a crazy rithm. Like this thursday and friday i had 26 long scenes to shoot. I never had that many scenes to do in two days in all my life, so... The pressure is up! And next week, i'll shoot every day of the week.
It seems like the more i wish for two days off in a row, the further away they seem.
But... I can't complain. All my fellow actors here keep complaining that there's no work, so 'im a lucky guy.
I done a couple of voice overs for radio commercials, wich is very cool. I love doing voice overs.
The other day i saw the first edited version of Luis Galvão Teles short movie. I wish i had some pictures of it to show to you. It was really cool. And it's in English, so you'll understand!;) As soon as i have some pictures from it, i'll post them here.
Last weekend the author of the play, Carole Greep was here and saw the play. She loved our version of her play. She said we were more modern and real than the Paris version, where they're playing the 400th show. I wish i could get there here in Portugal, but... On the 8th of May we finish at the theatre where we are now and we start the tour. So, with all the travelling that that implies, things are going to get even more complicated, if that's possible. I would love to have a couple of days off to visit all my friends, but ever since i got here i haven't had two days off in a row! Everbody wants me! :D
Oh! The Soap opera started running at the TVI channel and... It's number one at the ratings. The public is loving it! And to tell you the truth, me too... It has a great cast, great sets and great lighting. Really. It seems like this time they're concerned about the overall quality of the product wich is wonderfull.
Next monday in the afternoon i'll be at this live program where they're going to interview me about the play and next thursday it will be out an interview i gave to a newspaper. As soon as i have pictures and links i'll post them here.
Hope everythings going fine with you.



2 comentários:

Mário Redondo disse...

Dá-lhe com força!

Um grande abraço!

(cá estarei quando tiveres as tais folgas - e já agora eu também - para irmos beber uns copos)

love disse...

Eu também quero ir, ehehehe! Primeiro porque vos adoro e depois porque adoro copos, ehehehe.
Abraços. Na próxima semana regresso a Portugal