The most precious thing on earth: TIME

Ok, so i know i told you i was really excited about doing a short film with Luis Galvão Telles. He really wanted to work with me and me as well and i was going crazy thinking about how could i shoot the soap opera, open the play I LOVE WHAT YOU DO and doing the short film at the same time. I though that if i would have time that week to sleep i would be very lucky, but i really really wanted to do the movie. It would be an amazing role and a very generous gift from this wonderfull director. He was even thinking about doing it in english! But... Yes, there is a but... The production team started to schedule things and they have to do it that week, on the week of my opening. And there is no other way around it. The movie is going to be shot almost entirely at night and the fact that i'm doing the play would take at least four hours of night shots from them, so... Luis Galvão Telles called me saying that it was going to be complicated... And i told him very sadly that i didn't want to keep everybody on hold, that i really wanted to do the movie, but that if it would be impossible... Then, let's leave it to next time! I said i was sorry for all this mess and all... So, no short movie... But other things will come, i'm sure! If it wasn't this time it's because it wasn't made like that, so... And anyway is better like this, i'm not keeping anybody from doing nothing and this way i can rest a bit more about the play and the soap opera. Other things will come, i'm not worried. A bit sad, but not worried. As you can see, i'm so lucky that even with a lot of my colleagues over here out of work and complaining about the lack of work, i'm even having to refuse some work. I AM a lucky bastard.
So, my dear friends, remember this: your time, the time you have is the most important thing, the most valuable thing on earth. Spend it wisely. I'm getting the sense that life it's all about time and the way you choose to spend it... I can't do the short movie because i've commited with other things, because i commited my time. Who knows if things were different? Who cares? Good things are on their way.



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