Oh, i almost forgot!

Ok, so last week at 6 pm an agency called me to do this audition at 7 pm. I went there and it went very well. So well that they told me that they tried to put me in it untill the end, the problem is that the client thought that my eyebrows were too big... ( What can i do? ) So, they chose this guy that, they told me, how should i put this... He... Couldn't... Well, let us say that is voice just didn't quite fitted the image that they wanted and as ( they told me ) they loved my voice ( they even said that one of these days if i wanted to quit the acting business and get a day job like doing voice overs, i could. Well, the poor guys didn't know that i already had done that before going to NY. I of course thanked them the compliments and told them that i'll try to keep on doing both things at the same time;) )And so, they wanted my voice for the commercial. So, there i went yesterday at 9 am, before going to shoot for the soap opera and... It's done! So, besides all this wonderfull amount of work i'm even getting some extras... Ok, so, if you can get the Portuguese tv, there's this commercial for Revista Maria ( wich, quite coincidentially, is the same magazine where my papparazi photo appeared ) where the voice of the guy isn't his. It's mine!



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