Ok, so, there's a loooooooot of things that i have to tell you... So, i'm posting a lot of pictures from this past month. I really didn't have any time to post anything during this month. I was on the last rehearsalls for the play I LOVE WHAT YOU DO, wich has opened on the 3rd of March. The audience has been very generous to us in their critique, wich is wonderfull. In the meantime, i shot the short movie GL'AMOUR, directed by Luis Galvão Teles, wich was a wonderfull experience, but i must confess, very tiresome because i shot it in between the opening of the play and the soap opera, all at the same time. From the 1st of March till the 4th i must have slept like 6 hours in the total. It was hard... But i did it! And it all went very well. The director told me he is very pleased with the result, and the other day one of the people who's editing it said that they're going to send it to a lot of Festivals. He even mentioned a very important one, wich i wont disclose right now. As we say in Portugal, Secrecy is the soul of business, tranlated literally... In the meantime i still had time to shoot the soap opera. It's name has changed. It was called Lost Years and now it's going to be called NOBODY LIKE YOU. It will start running on the portuguese tv channel TVI on the 28th of March. I hope i will keep you updated more regullarly from now on. All the best to you! Posted by Hello

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