Translation: I LOVE WHAT YOU DO - An error in the cellphone connection makes us discover what our friends really think of us... Just minutes before their arrival. Guests at a country house, they're going to live through a weekend that, after all, won't be peacefull!!! Pedro and Maria are on their way to visit their friends Carolina and Carlos, who have been away in the countryside for six months now. On their way, they practice their favourite game: badmouthing. They badmouth their friends using all the necessary vocabulary. There's only one slightly and unexpected detail: Pedros' cellphone isn't bloqued and connects them to Carlos and Carolinas' home where, live, they hear everything what their supposed best friends think of them. Shocked and horrified by their conversation, Carlos and Carolina decide to change the weekend into a game. They want to have the last word. Till death. Auditorium Camões, R. Almirante Barroso 25 B ( close to Saldanha ). Tickets on sale at www.ticketline.pt and on site ( work days from 4 pm till 8 pm. Posted by Hello

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