Benedita Pereira and me. Ok, so this i have to explain: I was supposed to be playing her boyfriend at the soap opera, but... After one week of shooting, the tv channel for whom i'm working ( TVI ) and wich chose me to play this role as her boyfriend, saw one ( maybe two ) scenes with us together and they thought that maybe they had made a mistake. They though i don't match with her, so... They switched me with another actor. The actor who was playing the bad guy's sun is now playing my role and i am playing his role. In two days i had to wax my chest, belly and back ( yes, i'm a hairless monkey now... ) and do a new image test for the tv channel and two days after the switch i was already shooting with my new character. Even more, now this character is a huge jiu jitsu fan ( well, let me tell you i didn't know a thing about jiu jitsu before last week... ) and so Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday i was rehearsing jiu jitsu so that last tuesday i could spend my intire day shooting jiu jitsu scenes... If i only knew that instead of studying acting i should have had jiu jitsu classes and permanet laser waxing sessions... But all is going fine, don't worry, cause i'm not worried one bit! Posted by Hello

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Paulinha....=P disse...

alex taum mutuh giruhs ali na fotuh...hehe.....é só pa dizer k dorei a novela....axei mutuh girah....desculpa naum tar a xcrever em bom portugues mas e k na net naum da mutuh jeituh.....hehe....vá bjinhu e bom trabalho....=P