So, about the play I LOVE WHAT YOU DO: it's a wonderfull comedy written by Carole Greep, wich has been a sucess in Paris. I'm very happy to be directed by the one i call so often the master, João Didelet, assisted by my zen master Julio Martin ( he's not really a zen master, but for me, it's as if he was because you can never be too pissed when you're near him. Oh, by the way, Julio Martin is one of the hands that got me out of the hole when i was fired: to read the full story, go back to the given circumstances. Part One ) and to be playng oposite such good people like the Susana Arrais ( we got together in the conservatory and she put up with me for the three years there... Thank you for all your patience. She's an old friend... To think that i know her for 10 years now. Time really goes by... And it's the first time that we're working together professionally! ) and her husband in real life and on stage Miguel Barros ( A guy you should take notice of... He's going far, i'm telling you. It's wondefull being near creative people filled with ideas about theatre ! ) And the ( i think i can call her that ) newcomer Jenny Romero ( a very young, clever and beautifull actress, wich i have to say because she plays my wife. She's from Venezuela wich can only be a good omen) I think this play has everything to be a sucess. The production team of Commed'in is nurturing us like little princes as well as all the people who's working there at the Auditorium of the Liceu Camões ( wich by the way, is a fantastic new theatre room. ). We'lll be in Lisbon, Portugal till June ( it's a wonderfull oportunity to come by ). So, on the 23rd of February, cross your fingers for us, cause we're opening the play!

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Ilia Malkovitch disse...

Man, this is great. Good thinking opening a blog - good way to keep in touch with people you know around the world. Another way popular among russians and some americans is livejournal.com - same kind of thing, but a bit more personal, and a lot more interactive, usually (a lot more cross-comments, etc).

But anyway, it sounds like you're leading one of those exciting rewarding life over there, this is way cool. Be in touch.
- ilia

Pedra Dourada disse...

Olá Alexandre! Desculpa a pergunta mas porque é que escreves tanto em Inglês? Estamos em Portugal do you remember??? lol