The given circumstances part II

Ok, so, ready for the second part? Here it goes:
So, i was doing that play Abril Futebol Clube. And i was doing some children's theatre at the same time with the people i started doing professional theatre with, The theatre group Os Papaléguas. And then, over the summer, i was doing this play with Maria Emília Correia and i went to this audition for this sitcom called Residêncial Tejo. And... I got it. Before that i had only done small participations in various series like Riscos ( it's the only one i can recall right now,but i'm sure there where others... Time goes by and things get lost... ) where i played dreadfully this addict who pushed his girlfriend into the prostitution world... Sorry Rosa Mãe ( That's the actress i played with... ) I was so into doing it right that i even proposed to the director to cur an onion to cry and when the kissing scene was done i really stuck my tongue into the actress mouth... I really didn't know what i was doing... Once again... Sorry Rosa.
So, Residêncial Tejo, the first time i was doing tv in a series from the start. Oh my god, that wasn't that good as well... Because it was supposed to be theatre in front of a live audience filmed by the tv cameras. And... I never really knew to whom i was acting. But i REALLY tried hard to do my best. Only later i realised that it isn't because you try REALLY hard that things go right. Quite the contrary... Well, anyway, it was so good or so bad that even nowadays it's still re-running on a cabble channel here in Portugal called SIC Comédia, about seven times a week. And i haven't seen one euro more from it. But that is another issue. I don't knowbut i think there is an european law about image rights, but you know, i think it hasn't got here yet...
Well, it was one year and a half ( not bad, hem? ) of trial and mostly error. I didn't do much besides that on that year and a half. I was having too much fun convincing myself i was a tv star. Then, that was over and oh surprise, no imediate invitations. And i was haviong so much fun that all the money was gone. But the theatre never failed me and i got back to it. Maria do Céu Guerra, the star of the show invited me to her company. And there i stayed through the next two years. And then... 7 months after finishing the Residêncial Tejo, Fealmar invited me to do 8 sessions of this character at this soap opera called Anjo Selvagem ( translated literally: Wild Angel ) I never really paid that much attention to the soap operas. So... The character was supposed to be from the interior of the country and people from there use to have a peculiar accent and... I investigated a bit and i started doing that character with that accent. Even my co-workers were in doubt if i was really from there or not. And the producers and directors liked it and i stayed. And stayed. And stayed. One year and a half. And at the same time playing wonderfull roles at A Barraca. It was exausting, but like i said before, if you want to keep me happy, keep me acting. I was develloping a serious problem of workaholism.
And then... I have a cousin who was going to New York to work at this bank that was oppening this branch there. and at his goodbye Party, my cousin Pedro turned to me and said: Listen, i know that you have this dream of going to NY to study, so, i'm going to have a place there and if you want to come there and stay with me, you can. Well, all my appointments with the theatre company where coming to an end, the soap opera had ended, i had some money on the side and i thought: what the hell! Let me try it for 3 months. Well, to cut a long story short, nowadays i'm a certified student by the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, after one year and a half of study there, in New York.
I was supposed to go there for 3 months only. I got there in January. By February i applyed for a scholarship from the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian. And by the end of March my cousin told me that he was going to stay for another 3 months and he invited me to stay further. So i did. By July i got back to Portugal, trying to get some money because i had spend it all in that wonderfulll and expensive city called NY. And by August, i got my scholarship. They where going to pay for a full nine months of training there! And in January 2004 i got back. and in September i applied for an extension of the scholarship so i could have my certificate and in December, i got back here. So... These are the given circumstances

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