Given Circumstances - The return

Ok, so i got here on the 14th of December. By the 15th i was auditioning for the biggest soap opera production company (and now that i think about it, the only one ) and by the 16th i was already working with them. Not bad. I'm currently on the next soap opera of Fealmar. And then i went to auditon for this play called ( translated literally ) I love what you do. And i got it as well. And then i went to have a talk with Luis Galvão Telles, one of my favorite portuguese directors, with whom i had worked before on the tv movie The Bride in 2000. And i told him what i had been doing and i left him with a tape with my worked. He saw it and he called me saying that he wanted to work with me. And me with him! So, he gave me this gift: a short film wich is going to be directed by him where the extraordinary main character is going to be played by... Me! I can't tell you much, because secret is the soul of business, as we say here in Portugal, but i can't wait to twell you more about it. All i can sy is that i'm back into my workaholism and i love it!

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